Stages of Construction



The foundation of your new home is installed.


Frame Complete

All of the home’s interior and exterior walls are set, and the roof framing is complete.


Windows & Shingles

The Builder has completed the installation of windows, shingles, and exterior sheathing.


Ready for Drywall

Electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems are installed. Municipal inspections are completed.


Drywall Completed

Wall and ceiling drywall is hung, taped, and sanded for first coat of paint.


Install Hard Surfaces

Installation of all vinyl, wood and ceramic flooring.

Stage 7

Wood Trim and Door Installation

Interior trim, doors, moldings, and stair rails have been installed.

Stage 8

Kitchen, Bath & Countertops

Kitchen cabinets are set and counter tops installed to complete this stage.

Stage 9

Carpet & Flooring Installed

At this stage, your home’s plumbing and electrical fixtures will be set. The Builder will also install the carpet in your home.

Stage 10

Builder Acceptance

Your Personal Builder performs a quality inspection on your home at this stage.

Stage 11

Homeowner Acceptance

Your New Consort Home is Complete! Your Personal Builder will now demonstrate your new home to you. You will be ready to move into your new home very soon!