There are so many reasons that make buying a new Consort Home right now a great decision

  1. Interest rates are at historic lows, but they won’t stay this way forever. The signs say that they are headed up…and we don’t know when…so take advantage NOW!
  2. Amazing deals are available right now!
  3. New homes built by Consort Homes are exponentially more energy efficient than homes built just 10 short years ago! With that kind of savings on your energy bills – you can quickly make up for any money that you think you may have “lost” in the sale of your current home.
  4. And along with that…most importantly…are you in the right home for your family? If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re not! You are thinking that you need a home that’s bigger, or smaller, or simply a home that FITS YOUR FAMILY BETTER. What are you waiting for? Now is the time.

When you add up all the money you will save by taking advantage of all the great deals out there right now, plus your energy savings by buying a new, more efficient home, plus the amazing deals on interest rates now…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Why are you still living in the home that really doesn’t fit your needs?

Buy now with confidence

Consort Homes has multiple programs in place to help you work through whatever obstacles you might have to purchasing the home that best fits your family.

Why Buy or Build a Home with Consort?

If you are looking to build or buy a new home, you have come to the right place. There are many important decisions to make – and the first and most important choice is to select a builder you can trust. Your family deserves the peace of mind that comes from working with a builder that has both longevity and a solid reputation of serving many other happy homeowners.

Our History: Building Homes and Communities Since 1927

Howard Chilcutt, Chairman & Ken Stricker, CEO

The Consort Homes story is rich in St. Louis homebuilding history beginning more than 85 years ago with the founder of The Jones Company, John E. Jones. Those who know the St. Louis area probably know the name Bob Jones, who was the son of John E. Jones.

Bob purchased The Jones Company from his father in 1961. Bob and his partner, Howard Chilcutt, led The Jones Company to much success, growing the company and building homes for over 15,000 families during that time.

In 2003, Centex offered to purchase the St. Louis homebuilding company from Bob and Howard. It was an offer that was hard to turn down, and they did not. Howard and Bob did, however, retain ownership of The Jones Company of Tennessee.

In 2005, the legacy continued when Howard founded Consort Homes in St. Louis. He hired Ken Stricker, former President of The Jones Company in St. Louis, as President of Consort Homes. Both Consort Homes and The Jones Company of Tennessee are still family-owned by the Chilcutt and Jones families.

If you are considering the purchase of a new home in Greater St. Louis, why not consider purchasing a home from the Jones and Chilcutt Families – a Consort Home – from a homebuilding company with an 85-year history of providing value and customer satisfaction to the City of St. Louis.

Consort Homes. The Smart Choice.

We invite you to examine our company carefully. Then examine our homes. Compare designs, features, prices, construction techniques and the value offered. Lastly, consider our reputation for fairness, stability and a true understanding of our customers.

We are confident you will select Consort Homes to build your new home.