Buying New: Designing a home to match your style

For as long as the homebuilding industry has been around, there has been a debate around what makes more sense: buying a previously owned home, or building new from the ground up. While there are definitely pros and cons to each, and knowing them can help make your choice easier. If you’re looking to find a home builder in north St. Louis county, you definitely have options! 

Buying used

Here are some of the times when buying an existing home might make sense for you and your family:

  1. You’re in a time crunch. You have a very short period of time to move to a new place, and simply do not have the time to build something from the ground up. You have to look at what’s available now, not in a few months. But, did you know that Consort has Move-In Ready homes? These homes are perfect for the time-crunch buyer – you get the best of both worlds!
  2. You are a DIY aficionado. You love the idea of taking something old and making it new again, and like getting your hands dirty taking on home renovation projects. While this might sound like fun, be cautious and make sure you’re investing in a property with a solid foundation – and not more problems than you bargained for.
  3. You’re moving to a place with limited real estate. Some areas of the country are difficult to build in, and you may have your heart absolutely set on a very specific neighborhood where building new would be difficult or costly, and could involve tearing down an existing home.

Building new

Building a home from the ground up is a great way for families to plan for now and into the future. Here are the reasons why building new might make sense for you:

  1. You know what you want. Getting exactly, 100 percent what you want in an existing home is tough, because that home wasn’t designed with you in mind. Building new means deciding on every detail, every step of the way, and creating something that reflects you — and only you.
  2. You care about energy efficiency and building best practices. The home building industry is like any other; it evolves, and best practices change. Building a new home ensures you are getting the latest in home efficiency and green building practices, and that your home is built to the highest current standards possible. Additionally, when you build new the price per square foot tends to be lower than resale homes.
  3. You don’t want to have to worry. Buying an existing home means inheriting that home’s problems. Building new means you know exactly what you are getting and are far less likely to face major repairs or replacements in the near (or even distant) future. Plus, your new home will be under warranty and at Consort we’ve have a team of people available to help you incase anything goes wrong! And,
  4. It’s designed just for you. Since your new home will come styled and designed to your tastes, there won’t be any need for upgrades or renovations right out the gate.

 Building new or buying used is a personal decision that every family must decide for themselves. If you’re hoping to create something that’s uniquely yours, though, building from scratch is almost always the way to go!