5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

There’s nothing quite like the first hints of spring to put a pep in your step and a smile on your face. After months of cold weather and short days, spring feels like an awakening for the entire world! So why not make it an awakening for your home too?

Today we’re sharing our top spring cleaning tips for getting your home ready for spring, from the simple to the more complex. We hope these ideas inspire you to shake out the rugs, open up the curtains, and let the sunshine in.

Clear out those gutters. Spring brings sunshine, but it also brings rainy weather. By clearing out your gutters, you ensure any rainwater and runoff flows quickly and efficiently away from your home, keeping your roof and the rest of your home safe from any sudden deluges.

Wipe down and install window screens. There’s nothing like a warm spring breeze flowing through your home, but screens left out all winter long often accumulate a ton of dust and dirt throughout the cold months. If you stored your screens for the winter, great! Just give them a wipe down and pop them back in. If not, be sure to pull them down and give them a vigorous wipe down.

Pay attention to your air system’s filter. Your filter probably worked quite hard throughout the winter to keep dust, dirt and other airborne unpleasantries from entering your home. Do your air system a favor and replace your filters, especially if you haven’t in the last couple months or so.

Get your lawn ready. Want a stunning, bright, green lawn for the summer? Now’s the time to prepare. Fertilize and aerate to prime your grass for prime growing, and check your sprinkler system and hoses to ensure no damage was done over the winter months.

Create cheer with flowers. Nothing says spring like bright, colorful flowers. Bring some lovely pops of color to your home’s exterior with flowers of different varieties. Just be sure they are made for your location and climate, and can withstand the conditions they’ll face all summer, whether that’s abundant shade, sun, or something in between.

As mentioned, air filters are an important part of keeping your home safe, smelling fresh, and clean. Experts recommend changing your filter every month or so, as a clogged filter can slow down airflow and cause cold spots in your home. It’s even more important to be on top of filter maintenance if you have pets, if someone in your household smokes indoors, or if someone in your household suffers from allergies or otherrespiratory conditions.

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