Changing filters in your home

Air Filter

It is recommended to change

or clean the filter every 30 days.  A clogged filter can slow airflow and cause cold spots in your home. Although it takes less than one minute to change the filter, this is one of the most frequently overlooked details of normal furnace care.  Buy filters in large quantity for the sake of convenience. Most filters are disposable, and made of biodegradable paper. Check your existing filter to be sure you get the right size filter for your unit. It is important to get the right size; using a filter that doesn’t fit your unit can create the same types of problems as having a filter that is dirty.

Check your filter’s condition and  change it once a month if:

You have pets.  Pet dander circulate through the home’s ventilation system

You smoke indoors.

You or someone in your household suffers from allergies or a respiratory condition.

You have a fireplace that you use occasionally.

There is construction taking place around or near the home.

The heating system installed in your home will provide you with many years of comfort if given proper care and maintenance. As a homeowner it is essential to have an inspection annually to keep your air conditioning/ heating system operating at maximum efficiency. During the winter Consort Homes does NOT recommend turning the heat down lower than 55 degrees or shutting it off because it could result in frozen or burst pipes.