Summer Heat Getting Your Plants Down?

Erins Garden Beat the Heat

While most plants enjoy a healthy amount of sun, very few can tolerate high temperatures for long without a little extra help. You lawn will turn a mix of brown and yellow during long, hot summer days, and your annuals and newly planted perennials and shrubs will wilt and go limp under the sun’s rays. Your vegetables will also wilt quickly, and crops like lettuce may bolt, causing them to taste bitter.

Lawn Pick Me Up.

Erins Garden Water

Water. The simplest thing that you can do to help your garden is to water it. A good drink in the morning or evening will guarantee that the water gets down to the roots of your plants and doesn’t simply evaporate off the soil.  How much your plants will need depends on their size and how well established they are. New shrubs and perennials will need a good, deep drink of water every two days, while established perennials and shrubs can survive most of the summer with little or no extra watering on your part. They will however, appreciate a good drink before a hot day.

Your annuals and vegetables will require regular watering – every day in the heat, and every second day in the cooler temperatures. Keep a close eye on these plants for wilting. They may need an extra boost during the day. If that is the case, water close to the roots to avoid splashing water on the leaves.

Your lawn will need a good, long drink once a week. Water in the morning or the evening and make sure that the water soaks at least one inch deep into the soil.

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