Why build NEW instead of “previously lived in”?

1. Choice/Selection/Personalization – This is the biggest investment you will ever make – Why Not Have Your Home, Your Way?
2. Space – in addition to the typically more open floor plans found in newer homes – older homes don’t usually have the CLOSET or storage space that newer designs have.
3. Design – the latest, greatest floor plan designs accommodate how people live TODAY, not yesterday. For example – do you ever use your formal dining room?? Huh? Do ya?
4. Less Maintenance – new homes have BRAND NEW operating systems, like plumbing, HVAC, etc…and usually don’t require maintenance until years down the road.
5. Energy Efficiency – New Homes are typically somewhere in the neighborhood of 50%+ more efficient* on energy bills! *varies by house and lifestyle, of course
6. Modern Conveniences – New homes have the latest new appliances, new windows, new product technologies, and are often built in locations near the latest and greatest of everything. 
7. New = Built to CURRENT Codes – not the Codes of many years ago – meaning that some issues that could have been considered OK when it originally passed inspection – are now no longer acceptable building standards.
8. WARRANTY – New Homes usually have a WARRANTY.  Meaning – usually you have 1 year to address any issues that don’t seem right with your builder – and they will come and fix them for you.  No hiring contractors.  In addition, for up to 10 years (our warranty is 1-10) you have coverage on any STRUCTURAL items.
9. Emotional Factor – The fact that you are the one and only person who’s ever lived in this home.  It’s YOURS and yours alone…built for you…to your specifications.

10. PRICE – Although a new home may be slightly more on the front end – in the long run – you’ll save $ on energy bills, operating costs, and maintenance while you live there!
11. TIME – Your time is valuable.  Would you rather spend your weekends doing maintenance – or enjoying your new home?
12. Enhanced Electrical Systems for today’s lifestyles – Now that we all have computers, microwaves, etc…some of the eleactrical systems found in older homes are simply not sophisticated enough to handle today’s modern technology.
NEW can save you thousands of dollars for years to come in peace of mind, comfort, and energy savings!

Source: www.livejones.com