Have confidence buying your next home!

Most people looking to buy a new home have a few challenges to face such as an existing home to sell that needs updates and repairs, a low credit score,  a possible ‘double move’ or an existing lease on an apartment or home.  Guess what?  Consort Homes has the solution to all of those challenges! 

What’s YOUR challenge?

Does your home need updated décor’ or a change in furniture placement to help it show and sell quickly? 

Consort Homes will pay for a professional Interior Designer to  assist you in getting your home looking its best so you can sell it quickly!

Does your current home need repairs before you can sell it?

Consort Homes has a remodeler and repair expert that will give you a free estimate and 10% discount on any repairs you need to get your existing home sold!

Trouble getting a loan because your credit score is too low?

Consort Homes will set you up with a Better Business Bureau accredited organization that will help you repair your credit score!

Are you concerned you won’t be able to sell your existing home?

Consort Homes will help you pay taxes, interest and insurance on your old home, until it sells, for up to 6 months – for a max of $4,000!!!

Do you need to rent while my home is being built OR do you need to break your lease to get your current home started?

Consort Homes will ease the transition from leasing to closing on your Consort Home by paying for a lease extension or paying a lease break fee up to $4,000!

Do you want a Green Energy Efficient home but can’t afford it?

Consort Homes builds all of their homes NAHB Certified Green at no additional cost.  It’s standard in EVERY Consort Home and you reap the benefits of energy savings and it raises the resale value!

Visit a Consort Homes Community today and ask for details on the Buy Now With Confidence Plan!