Consort Homes Makes High-Efficiency Furnaces a Standard New-Home Feature

ST. LOUIS –  Long recognized for its commitment to conserving resources and promoting energy efficiency in new-home construction, Consort Homes has announced that HVAC systems with a 93 percent efficiency rating are now a standard feature in all 12 of the firm’s new-home communities throughout the metro region.

“With so much emphasis being placed on energy savings today, this decision was a logical step in our continuing efforts to provide customers with a home that’s more comfortable to live in and less costly to run,” said Operations Director Bill Wannstedt.

Improving the living environment for its homeowners, Consort Homes’ price-included LiveSmart™ package already includes Low-E windows, an advanced sealing package, Energy Star® dishwasher, water-efficient faucets and shower heads, and low-VOC paint and carpeting.

According to Wannstedt, addition of high-efficiency furnaces will have numerous benefits for owners, most notably the cost savings entailed in heating and cooling their new homes.  For those unfamiliar with the technology of natural gas systems, he provided a simple, easy-to-understand explanation.

Formerly the industry standard, an 80-percent-efficient furnace is installed with a metal flue conveying exhaust gases through the attic to the outdoors.  This means that 20 percent of the unit’s heat is being lost through the roof.  Furthermore, when the unit shuts off on reaching the set thermostat temperature, heat continues to escape.

In contrast, today’s 93-percent-efficient furnaces release exhaust gases via a PVC pipe, installed horizontally and opening to the outside at the foundation of the house.  As a result, heat is not lost traveling vertically through the attic to the roof vent.  And when the thermostat shuts off, the fan continues to run, recycling heat already produced through the house.  Combined, these factors effect a total heat loss of just 7 percent. 

While individual homeowner usage can vary significantly, it’s estimated that the average household should see a reduction of approximately a 10 percent on monthly heating bills.

Adding still more efficiency during construction, the homebuilder is using a sprayed insulation foam at the band board, creating a seal between the foundation and bottom of the house and minimizing infiltration of cold air in winter and hot air in summer.

Consort Homes offers an outstanding selection of single-family and townhome neighborhoods in prime North County, South County, St. Charles County, and Chesterfield locations, with base prices starting from the $120’s to $500’s.  For a complete listing and more details on the firm’s “green” building products and techniques, visit


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